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'I Am Cait': 6 Moments We Hope To See On Caitlyn Jenner's New Show

What will happen -- and when will it take place?

The whole world -- ourselves included, even if we like to consider ourselves flightless birds who aren't of this planet -- has been enthralled by Caitlyn Jenner's introduction this week. The high-profile Olympian formerly known as Bruce Jenner went public with her preferred name and stunning look this week on the cover of Vanity Fair, and this morning revealed the first promo for her reality miniseries, "I Am Cait."

The series doesn't premiere until late in July, and we nearly burned out our remote control batteries, considering how hard we hit that DVR button to make sure we don't miss a single episode. We have so. many. questions. about the show, which is sure to be an emotional and revealing look at Cait and the people important to her life.

Here's what we can't wait to find out.

  1. Will there be Kardashians and Jenners?

    In this morning's announcement, E! said that "I Am Cait" would focus on how Caitlyn's transition has impacted her and those in her life, but that doesn't necessarily mean the Kardashians and the Jenner kids will be depicted. It seems easy to assume that they will be, but never say never. (Burt, Cassandra, Brandon and Brody have all declined to participate in filming.)

  2. When does the show start?

    Not the premiere date, but filming. It would be eye-opening to see not only Caitlyn's active transition, but her decision to share her truth with the world. If the show started filming before the Diane Sawyer sit-down where she famously said "I am a woman," we might see the push-pull of deciding how, when and why to go public.

  3. Will we see the preparations for the Vanity Fair shoot?
    Vanity Fair

    We've heard about the top-secret planning that went into Caitlyn's debut on the cover of the cultural standby and the profile to match, but will we get to see it in motion? We'd love to see the fittings, styling and interview process that went into the feature. Did Caitlyn ever get cold feet?

  4. How did Kourtney and Scott tell Mason about Caitlyn?

    On "About Bruce," the two-part special of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that revolved around Caitlyn's transition, Kourtney and Scott Disick worried about how and what to tell their son Mason about the person he'd known his whole life as Grandpa Bruce. Will we get to see how they chose to broach the topic -- a potential teachable moment for families understanding how to react to the transition of one of their nearest and dearest -- or will it remain a private moment?

  5. Will Caitlyn get involved with the trans community?
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    There's no denying that Caitlyn Jenner is already one of the most high profile transgender women in the world. We're privileged that we get to see part of her life on "I Am Cait," but will Jenner reach beyond the show and work with the transgender community? As an Olympic athlete, Jenner could be a fantastic role model for a population that all too often is marginalized and put down.

  6. Will it catch up to the present?

    Caitlyn's VF spread only debuted two days ago, and already the wave of reaction has been massive, with outpourings of support from most and surprisingly bigoted opinions from some. We're left to wonder how Caitlyn is feeling about all of this. If filming is still going on, we could see her reaction to the public.

What do you want to see on "I Am Cait"? Let us know in the comments.