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Ever Send Food Back At The Restaurant? You Won't After Hearing This Couple's Story

A DNA test confirmed every foodie's worst fear. #NotAllWaiters

By Brittney McKenna

Are you the type of person who settles for a disappointing meal at a restaurant because you're afraid the waitstaff will add a special ingredient if you complain? That may be paranoid ... but a New York State couple learned that (as the saying goes) just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.

Ken Yerdon and Julie Aluzzo-Yerdon from Clay, New York, ate dinner at a local Chili's last July and expressed their displeasure at the barely cooked broccoli and a forgotten bowl of tortilla chips, reports After the waiter refilled their to-go sodas, they noticed something odd in Ken's drink on the drive home -- and took the soda to police for DNA testing.

Yep, it was a glob of human saliva. As Yerdon said, "It wasn't regular spit either. It was definitely a loogie."

The waiter, 24-year-old Gregory Lamica, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, which is apparently the charge you get for being super gross in the service industry, and had to pay $125 with a one-year probationary period. And needless to say, he doesn't still have a job at Chili's. Watch the video below for more:

"They were busy -- we understood," Aluzzo-Yerdon told "We were patient with him, but we could tell he was annoyed with us. All Ken said to him was, 'Are you OK? Have we done something to offend you?' And he said, 'Oh, no, no.'"

Now we're all saying, No! No! Obviously, most restaurant employees are far more professional than this -- but still, if you make big requests, you may want to tip generously just in case.