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17 Wise Pieces Of #FreshmanAdvice From Twitter

Starting high school next year? Pay attention.

By Brittney McKenna

School's almost out, guys! While most of you are probably focused on summer vacation, you may be wondering what your next year at school is going to look like -- especially if you're going to be a freshman in high school.

Freshman year is an intimidating prospect, but with a little preparation it doesn't have to be. We're helping you get a head start by rounding up some of the wisest #FreshmanAdvice on Twitter:

  1. It's all about quality, not quantity
  2. Hang out with friends you can be yourself around
  3. Study! Duh.
  4. Be respectful
  5. Embrace change
  6. High school isn't like it is on TV or in the movies

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  7. Go exploring
  8. Get involved
  9. Get excited about high school!
  10. Stay safe

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  11. Be wary of flirty seniors
  12. Seriously. This one is worth repeating.
  14. Heelys FTW

    (Don't actually do this.)

  15. Get a head start on Biology class
  16. Take time for yourself
  17. You will inevitably make mistakes