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Makonnen And Drake Are Still Good After Those Nasty Tweets

Silly hackers.

Makonnen has been busy on the road with his Loudest of the Lour tour, but last month there was a bit of confusion surrounding a few negative messages that were fired off from his Twitter account.

Some harsh tweets were aimed at Rihanna and his label head Drake, but Makonnen has since claimed that he was hacked. He stuck with that story during a recent interview with 106KMEL's Shay Diddy.

"It's just hackers. It's just the Internet," he said, adding that Drake and Rihanna have experienced their share of mishaps due to fame. "I would never do no stupid sh-t like that.

"They've been celebs, so they been dealt with all that crazy sh-t that be happening when you become a celebrity, and I just came into this new light, however long ago," he said.

"So, certain stuff people know it's fake and certain stuff people know it's real, and behind the scenes, everybody's knows what's real and out there it's just fake stuff on the Internet."

The disparaging tweets, including one that criticized Drake for working with Fetty Wap, were pulled down minutes after they went up.

Last year Makonnen told MTV News that he cried after hearing Drizzy's remix of "Tuesday," so it makes sense that he'd want to remain on good terms with the OVO rapper.

Hacking aside, Makonnen is currently working on his debut album, which he hopes to release before October.