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One Direction Changing It Up On Next Album: ‘It’s A Lot Different’

1D bringing out the 'old-school vibes.'

One Direction fans have been dealing with a lot of change.

First Zayn Malik left the group, and now the foursome are changing up the sound of the music. But don't worry too much Directioners, because they promise, "it's cool."

"It's still in the making -- we are not there yet," Niall Horan told "Entertainment Tonight" of their upcoming fifth album. "There's a few different sounds on it. Not all the songs sound the same -- they are all kind of different. Different guitars and drums. It's a lot different from what we did before, but it's cool."

The guys, who have said that this album will be the "best" they've ever made, have made it no secret that they are channeling Oasis on their upcoming effort, but it seems they are bringing an old-school element into the mix.

"It's got old-school vibes as well -- because I said before it was quite Oasis-y," Liam said. "But I was thinking about one song I've been playing, but it's quite diverse."

The guys having been spending a lot of time working on this new sound while on a break from their On The Road Again World Tour, which starts back up on July 9 in San Diego.

But don't expect to hear the same setlist as their previous shows, since the guys have decided to "freshen it up" a little, adding some new songs from their album, FOUR.

I'm thinking we may be saying goodbye to some of the songs that featured Zayn's signature high notes. Never forget.