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The Weeknd Takes A Beating But Keeps On Singing In 'The Hills' Video

Rough night.

The Weeknd is having a great 2015 -- he's had one of the biggest songs of the year, with "Earned It" -- but things start off on a low note in his new video, "The Hills."

In the opening scene of the visual for the track -- which dropped in full on Wednesday (May 27) -- we see a car flipped on its head and Abel slowly emerge from an upside down door. Eventually, he stumbles down the street to some sort of creepy, desolate mansion.

Let's take a look.

Time to brush off after the initial accident.

Jennifer Rivera/MTV

Looks like it's every man and woman for themselves.

Jennifer Rivera/MTV

Got out just in time. Also, he didn't even flinch during the explosion.

Jennifer Rivera/MTV

The pain.

Jennifer Rivera/MTV

Umm, hi?

Jennifer Rivera/MTV

Check out the full video below.