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‘Wonderwall’ Should Be Renamed ‘1Derwall’ Because One Direction Cannot Stop Singing It

Liam Payne performed the song solo last weekend, continuing 1D's love affair with the Oasis hit.

If you’re a human being living on the planet Earth, chances are you’ve heard the song “Wonderwall." Oasis’ 1995 hit is a classic — a campfire staple, a karaoke crowd pleaser, and a mix tape go-to.

But we have a situation on our hands: It appears that, from this day forward, “Wonderwall” must now be referred to as “1Derwall.” At least, that’s what we’re forced to believe given One Direction’s apparent undying devotion for the song.

While vacationing in France over the weekend, Liam Payne took a break from the races at the Monaco Grand Prix and chillaxing with girlfriend Sophia Smith to perform the song in a packed bar. Unfortunately, a full clip from the seemingly impromptu singalong hasn’t surfaced online, but we do have these 14 blissful seconds to tide us over.

Lest you think Liam’s a rookie at flaunting his love for “Wonderwall,” let us remind you of this aww-doarble clip of a floppy-haired Liam crooning the song way back in 2010.

Directioners would also be hard-pressed to forget that time all five boys (tiny hat-wearing Zayn Malik included) covered the song in a beach jam session on the set of their “What Makes You Beautiful” music video. They’re practically fetuses but they’re so effin’ cute!

And Niall Horan even busted out a snippet of the song on stage in Manchester last year.

In other words, One Direction has such a beautiful history with “1Derwall” that it’s no 1Der — sorry, wonder — that they’ve admitted to channeling Oasis on their upcoming album.

Liam told British radio station Capital FM last month, “The boys we’ve been writing with have come up with some great, great songs. Kind of like, a bit Oasis-y, almost, which is ace. I love that!”

So c’mon, 1D — by now you should’ve somehow realized what you gotta do: make an official cover of this song already!