Regina George's 'Mean Girls' Mansion Is Up For Sale In Real Life

It's going for a cool $14.8 million.

By Tom McKay

"Mean Girls" fans, we have some good news. For a cool $14.8 million, you can own the 12-bathroom, 20,000-square-foot mansion used as Rachel McAdams' character Regina George's house during the filming of the 2004 movie.

According to a listing on Sotheby's International Realty, the house in Toronto, Ontario is an "exquisite NeoClassical Solid Stone Estate that features the perfect balance of grandeur and elegance." The building is situated on two acres of private property, has an Italian marble staircase, a 20-foot "cathedral ceiling in the great room," five bedrooms and quarters for servants. It even has a tennis court and a wine cellar -- because if you're going to drink, Regina's mom would rather you do it in the house. Finally, there's a six-car garage, which is more than big enough to hold at least one silver Lexus.

This house is so sick, "Mean Girls" devoted an entire scene to Regina flaunting it:

We're not really sure how Regina's fam became so rich -- her father didn't invent Toaster Strudel like Gretchen Weiners' dad did, after all. But to afford the mansion's asking price of $14.8 million, you'd probably have to have invented something really special.