How Well Do Kian And JC Know Each Other? We Put Them To The Test

Watch as the guys try to guess each other's biggest fears, celeb crushes, and more.

Lovable goofballs, former Our2ndLife members, and current YouTube extraordinaries Kian and JC clearly have a ton of irresistible chemistry between them. But how well do they REALLY know each other when they’re not pinching themselves with mousetraps, feasting on hot peppers, and waxing each other’s necks?

When the dynamic duo visited MTV, we put them to the test with our very own BFF challenge. We’re relieved to report that they definitely know a ton of vital info about each other (like their celeb crushes — are your ears burning, Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello?!), but they also have a few things to catch up on... like those mysterious first kisses.

Watch as the guys try to guess each other’s biggest secrets, future tattoo plans, and more.