11 Times David Letterman Was Basically Your Dorky Uncle

Happy trails, Uncle Weirdie.

It's the end of an era for the nighttime variety talk show, as "The Late Show with David Letterman" will air its final episode this week, and its illustrious host will retire after 33 years as a reigning king of latenight.

Letterman's departure was inevitable -- nobody lives forever, after all -- but the news of his retirement is hitting us hard, and not just because he's our favorite person to watch Jennifer Lawrence banter with. Because more than a latenight talk show host, David Letterman has been like family to those who grew up watching him.

Specifically, he's been a lot like that dorky, embarrassing uncle who you love seeing at Thanksgiving, while at the same time dreading the inevitable awkwardness when he does or says something completely bizarre.

And today, in honor of Dave's long, thrilling career, we round up all the things that will forever make him the best Uncle Weirdo on television.

  1. You can always count on him to point out how much you've grown.
  2. He's constantly challenging people to food-related dares.
  3. He's an expert at giving compliments that are just this side of creepy.
  4. He loves to fist bump.
  5. He's got an anime collection, because of course he does.
  6. If there's an elephant in the room, he'll be the one to point it out.
  7. And he always goes for the awkward kiss. ALWAYS.
  8. On the upside, he'll totally bond with you over your mutual dislike of your weenie exboyfriend.
  9. He will never not appreciate a good, embarrassing poop story.
  10. The only thing he loves more than the word "selfie" is taking a million of 'em with you.
  11. And finally: When he hangs out with your mom, it seems like she always gets drunk and ends up in her underwear.