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Lorde Sticks It To Men Who Doubt Her With These Sassy Tweets

New mantra.

Listen up fellow ladies: I highly recommend checking out Lorde's most recent tweets, printing them out, laminating them and mounting them on your wall.

The "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer wants everyone (specifically men) to know that they shouldn't underestimate her talents. And that's a pretty good message for all of us out there currently chafing under the side-long glancer of doubters -- you know, even us women who HAVEN'T released chart-topping singles and massive motion picture soundtracks, sung with Nirvana and scored their own wax figure at Madame Tussauds before age 20.

We're not exactly sure who or what Lorde is referring to with the above tweets -- although some are speculating that they have to do with her reported split from manager Scott Maclachlan -- but the message inherent in them is a big one.

Even one of the most powerful, talented pop stars out there deals with people who belittle and question her worth -- and she's not about to let them get the best of her.

Whatever the tweets' context, I think Ella just gave us our new mantra.

Repeat it in the mirror and dance like you mean it.