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Watch (And Maybe Cringe?) As The Canadian Hockey Team Dances To Kendrick Lamar's 'King Kunta'

What's the yams? Probably not this...

Kendrick Lamar reps Compton to the fullest, but we've seen time and again that his music travels far beyond those California streets where he was raised.

The latest example: The Canadian Men's National Hockey team using K. Dot's "King Kunta" as the soundtrack to their celebration after winning the IIHF World Championships on Sunday against Russia.

Watch and learn how a true celebration goes down.

OK. Great. Now, it's time to focus in on the star of the festivities, #29, Nathan MacKinnon. The music fully takes a hold of his entire being.

Not surprisingly, some people who have seen the video so far have felt like their lives are now basically complete.

Hopefully, yours is, too.