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50 Cent Would Trade Places With Nick Jonas -- Here's Why

50 Jonas?

50 Cent is one of the most prominent rappers alive, so why would he switch places with anyone?

There's at least one reason, as the G-Unit general explained at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

"If I could switch with one of the artists on the red carpet for the day, it would be Nick Jonas,” Fif said Sunday in a Billboard Music Awards Snapchat video. “That girl he with? Oohwee! That motherf--ker fine.”

50 was most likely referring to Jonas' girlfriend Olivia Culpo, an actress and beauty queen. The MC actually posed with the couple at the event.

Nick knows his girl is “so beautiful” that other guys will be attracted to her. In fact, that’s what “Jealous” -- the song he performed at the award show -- is about.

“I’m with my girl and [some other guys are] looking at her,” he told MTV News last year. “It was a moment when I was like, I’ve got to write about that because the fact that I got so passionate about it so quickly means that there is a song there.”