Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Breaks Down While Singing A Song For Her Dead Fish Pablow

Teary Miley can barely finish the sweet, sad song.

Miley Cyrus wrote a song for her blowfish -- who was appropriately named Pablow -- and she can barely get through the ditty before breaking down into tears. You see, Pablow died a few months ago, and he was really special to her.

In a unicorn onesie, Miley sits solemnly at a keyboard for the song, which is part of her Backyard Sessions. She starts off singing about how she couldn't ever believe she'd love something that could never touch her. She regrets keeping him captive, but admits she only wanted to keep him safe.

"I just can't bare to see something so wild die in a tank," she sings, saying she'd let him loose into the ocean if she had a second chance.

The most heartbreaking part of the song? When she details a trip to a sushi restaurant where she had to witness her "friends eat my friends."

"Pablow the blowfish, if they only knew you the way I knew you, they'd love you too," she sings. Maybe Pablow would've found love in the sea, she sings before crying and slamming her hands down on the keys in anger.

Miley also references getting her pig Sue, who joined her pet family last year. The singer has always been close with animals. She has a group of dogs at her California home and she often pays tribute to the late Floyd.

Miley has been recording songs to promote her Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing support services for young and LGBT homeless people. She previously released performances with Joan Jett, Laura Jane Grace and Ariana Grande.