It's OK To Cry At Luda's Touching Paul Walker Tribute

How can we not talk about family when family's all we got?

All the amazing success "Furious 7" has had at the box office has been tinged with a note of sadness for the "Fast" familia. They've shared the good times, but they've also taken plenty of opportunities to pay tribute to the one member who isn't around to enjoy it with them: late cast member Paul Walker.

At Sunday night's (May 17) 2015 Billboard Music Awards, show co-host Ludacris stood with movie co-star Tyrese Gibson and honored Walker's memory before introducing the #1 smash hit from the movie's soundtrack, "See You Again."

"It is only right that I'm standing here with my brother, Tyrese Gibson," Luda said. "We're ready to make this next introduction, the song 'See You Again,' from the 'Furious 7' has become a fitting and moving tribute to our very close friend and co-star, the late great Paul Walker."

As the crowd shouted, Gibson added, "We'll never forget him. Make some noise for my brother Paul Walker, ya'll!" In a moment that surely brought some moisture to a few eyes in the house, the Wiz Khalifa anthem that has locked down the #1 spot for five weeks rocked the house thanks to the soaring vocals of Charlie Puth and some classical fire from violin prodigy Lindsey Stirling.

The emotional performance crescendoed with some of Wiz's signature scarecrow dancing and a film clip of Walker and Vin Diesel sharing a knowing look while tooling down the highway.