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FKA Twigs, Like, Really Hates How Famous Robert Pattinson Is

The Possibly Future Mrs. RPattz has had quite enough of the fandemonium.

The price of superstardom is sometimes steep -- especially when it comes to any significant others involved. Even if they, too, are of international repute.

For FKA Twigs (real name: Tahliah Barnett), who's rumored to be engaged to Robert Pattinson of "Twilight" mega-fame, the actor's status as Edward Cullen has been, um, a little rough getting used to.

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"It's really hard -- I can't even begin to explain how awful it is," she told The New York Times of the constant media and paparazzi attention that surrounds her and Pattinson's every move. "It makes you want to just stop everything sometimes. It makes you want to smash your face into the mirror."

Can't accuse this girl of playing coy.

RPattz catapulted to stardom in 2008 when "Twilight" made him a hunky household name and launched a beyond-rabid fanbase that far exceeded the film's YA book origins. He has now been a staple of the tabloids for the better part of a decade. And the level of devotion that Pattinson's fanbase has to his life and career is second to none in both size and constant digital presence.

But lurking within the masses of positive Pattinson-ites are some who hit Twigs with low-blow digs on her mixed racial background. Which ... yuck.

"It's relentless," Twigs told the Times. "There's no amount of songs I can sing or dances I can dance that will prove to them I'm not a monkey."

But even the nastiest comments aren't coming in the way of her relash with the former onscreen immortal.

"I didn't see my life going this way at all," she said. "But it's worth it. I'm so happy."

Three cheers for the chin-up approach, Twigs.