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Sorry, 'Run The Jewels 3' Might Not Drop This Year, But Here's A Snippet

Here's why RTJ fans can't wait for these releases.

The music world's excited about Killer Mike and El-P's "Run The Jewels 3," but it seems we won't be getting that project this year.

El-P teased the effort on Instagram with a snippet today (May 14), but then quickly hit Twitter to let fans know that it might be a while before we get the full release.

Today's updates from El-P seem to build off that quote, as the group is taking its time with two projects: "Run The Jewels 3" and "Meow The Jewels." Here's a rundown of the RTJ updates El-P delivered today.

"Meow The Jewels," a crowd-funded project through Kickstarter, sounds like it'll be a fun way to blend hip-hop sounds with cats' meows.

Meanwhile, "Run The Jewels" is a highly anticipated project because of the critical success that followed the duo's first two albums.