Colin Gray/MTV

Watch Waka Flocka Break Up Fighting Fans -- And Make Them Hug Instead

Love > hate.

It's really no surprise when things get rowdy at a Waka Flocka concert. His music is energetic and boisterous, and the live events can take on that same persona. But you better not try to fight on his watch.

As Waka walked into the crowd to mix it up with fans during a performance during a stop on his Turn Up Godz Tour in Scottsdale, Arizona, he noticed two fans about to fight. The rapper was having none of that, though. But he didn't just break up the would-be scuffle -- he had a solution, too: A little thing called love.

"Stop!" he screamed into the mic. "Y'all two motherf--kers -- hug."

That's right. You thought you were about to fight the dude next to you? Nope, you're actually gonna hug him now, as directed by Waka Flocka.

"Hug, n---a," he persisted. "Hug him, n---a! Hug him, n---a! Hug him! Hug him right now!"

Eventually, Flockavelli got his way. If he was shouting in your face to hug someone, you'd do it, too. And he was quite pleased, of course.

"That's what the f--k I'm talking about." he said. "Let's party!"

It's a party, it's a party, it's a party.

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