Watch Anna Kendrick Destroy Jimmy Fallon (And A Half Dozen Eggs)

Anna eggs it out for a win in the 'Tonight Show' version of Russian roulette.

The biggest glass ceiling in late night TV is actually made of eggshells, and Anna Kendrick busted straight through it on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday (May 12).

The actress stopped by the show as part of her tour to to promote "Pitch Perfect 2," and while she was there, she earned the distinction of being the first lady celeb ever to go up against Jimmy Fallon in the sloppy televised sport Egg Russian Roulette.

For those not in the know, Egg Russian Roulette requires contestants to face off over a carton of one dozen eggs, eight of which have been boiled -- leaving four of them raw and ready to explode yolkily all over the unlucky loser's forehead.

And not only did Anna compete, she dominated. Check out the full video of her win below.