Lil Jon Thought He Was On 'Catfish,' But His Oxford Lecture Was Real: Watch

Lil Jon also gave Hillary Clinton an endorsement.

If you’re surprised to find out that Lil Jon was invited to speak at Oxford University, you’re not alone. In fact, Lil Jon was shocked too.

"I thought it was a joke," he said during his Tuesday lecture, according to The Independent. "'Am I being catfished?' I was kind of speechless after I realized it was real.”

If Job seems like an unlikely guest speaker to you, you aren't alone, but The Oxford Guild Business Society said they invited him because of his "legendary" and "influential" status as a musician. When you think about it like that, it's kind of hard to disagree.

"The Oxford student body is very excited to host this momentous occasion and looks forward to an inspiring and insightful talk from such an influential and high profile speaker as the legendary Lil Jon," the student body said in a statement. "We are thrilled to say ‘turn down for what’!"

During his talk, Lil Jon offered insight about the music game, praising Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Jay Z. But when it was time to crown a number one MC, he picked an obvious choice.

"I think Drake is [the] number one rapper right now,” he said, according to WhoSay. "He can flip his style up in any direction he wants to go.”

"I love Kendrick,” he added. "J. Cole is really good and he's from the South too. I wanted to do something with J. Cole, Kendrick and Drake, so we'll just see what happens. Hopefully they'll watch this video.”

But Lil Jon didn't just talk about rap. He also gave his opinion on politics.

“I think Obama’s done a great job,” he said. “It takes time to restore an old historic car. You can’t just do it overnight. That’s how I look at the administration that came before Obama. He put a new engine in it, he put some new rims, got a paint job. He’s criticized, and at the end of today it’s because he’s black. The numbers don’t lie. Unemployment is down. Obamacare is a great thing. I think Hillary is about it for 2016.”

Oxford is no stranger to rap acts. Kanye West spoke at Oxford in March, too. And he came with several great quotes (including some we didn't fully understand).