Happy Anniversary, Kimye! Here Are 19 Things We Learned From Your First Year Of Marriage

Such wedded bliss!

Congrats to Kimye -- because they've survived their first year as a married couple!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had 365 days of what I'm assuming was wedded bliss.

And why wouldn't it have been? They kicked it off with the most picturesque wedding of all time in Florence, have the most adorable baby girl ever and have publicly showered each other with love everywhere they went.

Yes, over the course of the past year, these two have taught us some pretty valuable lessons about being married. So let's take a look back at the 19 things we learned from observing Kimye's first year of matrimony.

  1. Be Proud When They Succeed
  2. Shout Out Their Accomplishments
  3. Shower Them With Love Not Only On Special Occasions...
  4. But Every Single Day
  5. Get Dressed Up And Have A Fancy Night Out
  6. It's OK To Match
  7. Homemade Gifts Are The Way To The Heart

    North made this bag. Awwww.

  8. Always Remember The Important Days Of The Year
  9. Spend Some One-On-One Time With Your Kids
  10. But Also Have Some Family Outings
  11. Make Time For Old Friends
  12. And New Ones
  13. Be An Influence... A Good one
  14. Don't Be Afraid Of A Little PDA
  15. Have A Good Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law
  16. And Your Spouses' Siblings
  17. Appreciate What You Have
  18. Capture Your Favorite Moments
  19. Sometimes You Need More Than Words To Say How You Feel