All The Doctors Team Up In Our Exclusive 'Who' Comic Crossover Art


When the "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary rolled around a few years ago, none of us expected the then-recently-announced new star of the series, Peter Capaldi, to join in on the festivities during "Day Of The Doctor" -- and yet, there he was, ready to take down the daleks with the rest of his past selves!


But if you're down to see more than just Capaldi's magnificent eyebrows interacting with our favorite former Doctors, then you're in luck: Titan Comics recently announced a new weekly mini-series of "Doctor Who" comics that'll feature Ten, Eleven and Twelve squaring off in an action-packed adventure together.

Paul Cornell, the writer of the mini-series, has penned some of the best episodes in recent "Doctor Who" history, including "Father's Day" and "Human Nature/Family of Blood," both of which were nominated for Hugo Awards. We're excited to see what he does with this new series -- especially now that we've seen the title in these exclusive covers, below.

"Four Doctors?" Who could the fourth be? Our best guess is the War Doctor based on that silhouette in the top left corner of the first cover, but with any luck it'll be this guy instead:


Issue #1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, August 12, and will run for five weeks through the beginning of September. Who else is excited to see what Cornell has in store for us?