Jaimie Trueblood

MTV Just Killed Off A Bunch Of Your Favorite Characters

The guillotine's coming down on Scott McCall, Sadie Saxton and more. Well, sort of...

After your killer party, you don't wake up until noon.

After MTV's killer party, you don't wake up.

Though the network's bashes are typically reserved for going bottoms-up on shots, exchanging the day's most pressing gossip and maybe landing a kiss before the cops send everyone home, its most recent celebration took a turn for the deadly when new horror show "Scream" gave soiree-planning a try. The results? A murder mystery shindig, except nobody was left standing to properly ID the killer.

In footage obtained from the eventual crime scene above, some of your favorite MTV characters from your favorite shows are all 86'd before the keg's even tapped -- poor Jenna Hamilton's slashed across the throat, the ever-heroic Scott McCall is finally taken down by a butcher knife and Sadie Saxton and Karma Ashcroft are skewered into the wall like seasonal vegetables on a blackened kabob. And you thought running out of ice or staining your mom's favorite area rug could curb the celebratory mood -- these guys didn't even live long enough to pick up chips and pizza bites on the way home!

Watch the video for more info on your favorite casties, block out your calendar for the handful of funerals to come and be sure to check out the premiere of "Scream" on Tuesday, June 30!