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Of Course Anna Kendrick Is A Total Badass About Her Upcoming Birthday

Thirty schmirty.

Our pretend BFF Anna Kendrick is about to hit a pretty major (and often groan-inducing) birthday milestone -- hint: it rhymes with dirty and flirty and purty -- but she's totally not stressing it.

Why? Well, the little evil genius that she is, she went ahead and made peace with the thought of entering her thirties last year, when she turned 29.

Speaking to Cosmo at the "Pitch Perfect 2" premiere in Los Angeles on Friday (May 8), she revealed her fantastic hack for turning 30 without feeling the sting of the thing: Pretend it already happened last year, duh!

"I felt like when I turned 29, I was like, 'Well that's basically 30.' So I've been sort of saying that I'm 30 for a year, so it's gonna be an easy transition."

This girl. She never ceases to amaze us.

FWIW, this method could easily be applied to pretty much any big birthday age shift to smoothen the process for those kinds of people (cough *us* cough) who just need an extra second to toe the waters of the next decade before jumping in. So, spread the word.

(PS: Anna Kendrick's birthday is August 9th. So she's still actually 29 for a few more months. We realize that all might have been a little confusing.)