Watch Hailee Steinfeld And Sophie Turner Kick The Crap Out Of Each Other In Our Exclusive 'Barely Lethal' Scene

Plus, an exclusive poster for the film!

It's a girl fight!

In the new movie "Barely Lethal," Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner star as two teens who may appear to be your average high school girls, but in reality, kick so much more ass than you'd ever imagined.

See, both Megan (Steinfeld) and Heather (Turner) trained at a special school designed to turn young girls into assassins. After she goes into the field and sees what parts of teen life she's missing, Megan goes rogue and fakes her own death, going undercover in the normal world. The past, as it tends to do, catches up to her.

But before she can conquer high school, she has to conquer Heather in the ring. Check out the clip below to watch Steinfeld and Turner do their darnedst to kick each other's ass, while being egged on by Samuel L. Jackson.

Not only that, but we've also got an exclusive poster for the movie you can check out right here:

"Barely Lethal" will hit theaters on May 29, and is available now on DirecTV.