What Would Zendaya Do? Disney Star Gives Life Advice

What do you do if your crush isn’t texting you back? Zendaya tells you, in GIFS!

GIFs by Jennifer Rivera

Zendaya: actress, singer and my definition of a perfect role model.

At just 18, this girl has got it together. She knows how to handle tough situations, she's found her own unique style and she's there to give you advice when you need it. Oh, and she produces and stars in her very own Disney Channel show, "K.C. Undercover."

So when the Disney star stopped by MTV recently, we decided to find out how she would handle some of the situations that teens face right now. What would Zendaya do if she failed a test? Or how would she handle getting dumped through a text message? Find out, in GIFS!

  1. I Still Don't Have A Date For Prom

    So the big dance is approaching and you still don't have anyone to go with. Simple: just "find someone and ask them to go."

    "I think we are always are too afraid to just go up to someone and ask. Like, who says that a girl can't ask? Just go, just do it, just go with a friend."

  2. Yikes, I Just Failed A Test

    No excuses! "Study. Stop being lazy," said Zendaya. Oh, and if you do fail, always tell your parents before they find out because "you don't want that problem."

  3. My Crush Isn't Texting Me Back

    Short and sweet advice: "Whatever, go text somebody else."

  4. My BFF And I Are In A Fight

    Nothing is worse than fighting with your bestie, but the best thing to do is just "talk it out."

    "I know that sounds super cheesy, but sometimes just being like 'Girl, can you just come over and let's just talk it out?' Sometimes communication is key."

  5. There's A Bad Rumor Going Around About Me

    It's pretty awful walking down the school hallways knowing that people are talking about you, but when that happens, hold your head high and "prove them wrong by doing amazing stuff in your life and not caring."

  6. Help! I Have A Date, But I Also Have A Pimple

    Seriously, of all days to have a pimple?! Just say 'thank you' to the makeup gods.

    "It's called concealer. Just dab a little on and keep it moving."

  7. I Just Got Dumped...Through A Text

    It happens. It sucks, but you've gotta ask yourself, do you really want to be with someone that doesn't want to be with you? No. Want to know why? Because "anyone that breaks up over a text message doesn't deserve your time."