Olly From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is An Amazing Singer In Real Life: Watch

From slaying Ygritte to slaying Adele.

Look at this face. What do you think of when you see this face?


If you’re an awesome, albeit typically stressed out, person (read: a “Game of Thrones” fan), your initial reaction should be: “AHHH THAT’S THE DEVILISHLY CUTE KID WHO FOOLED US WITH HIS YOUTH AND ADORABLENESS BY MURDERING YGRITTE.”

Yep, Olly is a certified badass who broke our hearts — and Jon Snow’s — last season when he shot an arrow into the redheaded beauty’s chest. Le sigh. Clearly, though, all’s forgiven on Jon’s end because he wasted no time making Olly his steward (which is completely understandable — why WOULDN’T you want a pint-sized killing machine with excellent aim at your side?).

But as we’ve seen before, plenty of “Game of Thrones” stars lead secret double lives that totally contradict their onscreen personas. Take, for instance, Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm)’s offscreen career as a Drake-esque R&B artist.

In similar fashion, when he’s not slaying Wildlings at the Wall, Brenock O’Connor is dazzling the YouTube universe with his soulful voice. Vanity Fair unearthed the 15-year-old’s YouTube channel, which is full of covers by everyone from Bill Withers and Otis Redding, to Ed Sheeran and Paulo Nutini.

Here are six of the best times when O’Connor showed us his voice is as killer as his bow and arrow skills:

  1. The time he was astoundingly old and wise on Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.”

    How is he so young and soulful at the same time?! This clip is definitely worth watching the whole way through, if only to hear O’Connor’s impressive whistling and to catch a glimpse at his hot pink socks.

  2. The time he was basically a mini Ed Sheeran on “Sing.”

    This version’s a little more slowed down the original, but he still manages to nail the fast-paced verses. Sure, it’s a little weird to hear him singing about drinking tequila out of a water bottle (underage drinking is a NO, people), but this vid is also cool because he has a cool pillow that says “GEEK” on it. We dig it.

  3. The time he implored a mystery lovah to “get closer” on Paolo Nutini’s “Last Request.”

    If only Jon Snow had gotten to do the same with Ygritte. BUT HE DIDN’T GET TO DO THAT DID HE, OLLY?!

  4. The time he got all flushed and passionate on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

    Let’s be real: anyone who dares to tackle Adele deserves all the props. The vocals on this track are huge, and O’Connor tackles them amazingly. Plus, his adorable red cheeks and the hilarious close-up at the end are truly perfect.

  5. The time he was so earnest and swoon-worthy on Frank Turner’s “The Way I Tend To Be.”

    THOSE HIGH NOTES THOUGH. Try to resist tapping your foot to this, we dare you.

  6. The time he got super serious on Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

    The then-curly haired cutie’s vocal runs are seriously on point here. We can totally imagine a heartbroken Jon Snow curling up and sobbing along to this tune as he reminisces about a certain cave excursion.