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Katy Perry's 'Kris Jenner' Pixie Cut Made Its Red Carpet Debut At The Met Gala

On April Fools' Day, Katy Perry revealed on Instagram that she had gotten a "Kris Jenner"-inspired pixie cut. Due to the suspicious timing, we weren't, um, exactly convinced that she had made such a drastic chop. She never addressed the new 'do again, wore her hair different ways, and we had totally forgotten about it. Until she brought it back for the 2015 Met Gala.

Earlier in the day, Katy wondered aloud—or, y'know, via Instagram—who she should be at the night's Gala and, well, the answer seems to be Kris Jenner. Also, imagine having this many wigs at your disposal at all times?? Yes, please.

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Katy paired her short hair with a graffiti-covered gown from Moschino's Fall 2015 collection. While it may look like she just put a chain through a can of spray paint—it's actually a bag from the same collection.

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As luck would have it, the actual Kris Jenner was also at the Met Gala—no word (yet!) on whether these two have taken a selfie to document the moment, but you better believe we'll be looking out for it.

Katy was accompanied by Jeremy Scott, who is responsible for both Katy and Madonna's dresses. Also, Jeremy wore a matching, graffiti-covered tux. Double also, Diplo was there for this photo but not covered in graffiti.

While KP recently went incognito for Wonderland Magazine with blonde and red hair, this short black hair is equally as transformative. Will she favor short hair for the hotter months? We can't wait to see.