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11 Album Titles Kanye West Could Use For His Next LP

Just in case you change your mind again, Yeezy.

What will Kanye West's next album be called?

Sure, Yeezy decided to go from So Help Me God to SWISH on Sunday (May 3), but he also said he might change the title again. Would that really be such a shocker?

While SWISH sounds dope, Kanye is a known perfectionist. He might just tinker with the title until he feels it's 100 percent right, and that might take more than one change.

So, we started thinking about all the possibilities. What would be another great name for Ye's next album? Well, here are some options. Hope you like 'em, Yeezy.

  1. Good Ass Job

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was supposed to be called Good Ass Job. Perhaps this is a concept Kanye might want to revamp and revisit?

  2. Back To School (In Style)

    He entered the game as a College Dropout, but he’s been lecturing at schools around the globe. Plus, he’s about to get an honorary doctorate, so this would make perfect sense right about now. #BringBackTheSchoolTheme

  3. The Greatest Rapper Of All Time

    Many people believe Kanye West is the greatest rapper of all time. Yeezy might believe that, too. If so, wouldn’t this just be the perfect new title for his next LP? Brash and unapologetic. That's textbook Yeezy.

  4. I Am A God

    He made it a hot line and a hot song; he can make it a hot album. Plus, that'd be a perfect follow-up to Yeezus.

  5. The World's Most Influential

    This title was inspired by Kanye West’s TIME cover. It just looked like a fresh album title next to his portrait on the cover.

  6. 808s And Love

    Isn’t it about time for a (more optimistic) sequel to 808s & Heartbreak? Thanks to Kim K and North West, part 2 would just as dope, only way happier.

  7. North West

    Did you hear how inspired Kanye was on “Only One?” Nori might just be the fuel for this whole album. Plus, Kanye seems like a pretty cool dad. This would be a cool dad move for real.

  8. I’m G.R.E.A.T.

    Back in 2003, Kanye dropped his I’m GOOD mixtape just before hitting us with 2004’s College Dropout. Why not take things up a notch with I’m G.R.E.A.T.?

  9. Stay. Worried. I’ll. Stay. Honest

    What if SWISH is just an acronym he's giving us for now? Endless possibilities here.

  10. KANYE
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    The self-titled LP would be an ill, bold power-move the same way it was when Bey dropped BEYONCÈ in 2013.

  11. Kanye And Paul
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    Okay, this might be wishful thinking, but it's not too far-fetched. Back in January, Yeezy's friend and barber said Paul McCartney was working on co-producing Ye's whole LP. McCartney's camp denied it, but after he helped with "Only One" and "FourFiveSeconds" and "All Day," would it really be so hard to believe?