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Miguel's New Single Will Make You See 'Coffee' Differently

Wale adds his own special brew.

Most people need coffee to start their morning, but Miguel offers his lady friend to begin her day with another pick me up: sex. On Sunday, the Los Angeles, California singer dropped his new single "Coffee (F--king)" on iTunes and he isn't exactly talking about Starbucks.

"Sweet dreams, turns into coffee in the morning," he sings about the morning after.

The song's co-star, Wale, serves up something a little more sexual. "We talk recent movies and old tunes/ Emulate '50 Shades' over Jodeci grooves," he raps, conjuring up romantic fantasies.

Fans will remember that the singer/songwriter posted a preview snippet of this single on Instagram way back in October and if the finished version of "Coffee" is any indication, Miguel is brewing up something good on this next album.