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Meghan Trainor Is Not All About That Tinder

Meghan Trainor talked about the dud she met on Tinder.

Most regular folks have enough trouble admitting that they're using Tinder for dating (and other things). So it was quite a surprise last week when Hilary Duff confirmed reports that she was on Tinder. In a radio show interview, Hilary revealed her current dating status -- “In my life, I have always had really serious boyfriends,” she began. “I’ve always met people through work and I have never been on a blind date. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Meghan Trainor can definitely provide an example of a worst story. The singer revealed her brief experience with Tinder in the Shazam Top 20 studios and it wasn't that great.

"Tinder. I was on that for a hot week when I wasn't famous and then I got these dudes hitting me up," Meghan began. "This one kid said, 'Do you wanna hook up in my mom's car?' And I was like, 'Not really.'"

What a bummer. But really, with its simple format, you're much more likely to get a couple of duds on Tinder rather than gems.

Meghan also revealed she recently met Hilary. "That's my girl. I recently met her," Meghan said. "She's the coolest person ever." Their dating choices might not be the same, but it's good knowing the two are friends.