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50 Cent Explains Justin Bieber's Floyd Mayweather Bond Before Huge Manny Pacquiao Fight

Fif also stresses his confidence in Floyd.

Justin Bieber will reportedly walk alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr. into the ring for what could be the biggest fight of this generation on Saturday (May 2) when the boxer's scheduled to square up against Manny Pacquiao. It won't be the first time Biebs walks Money May into the ring, but some have wondered why the two have such a strong bond. It's something 50 Cent understands.

"This is the man in Floyd," 50 Cent told ESPN's "SportsNation" during his Friday (May 1) appearance on the show. "When you feel like there's nothing to prove, then you can have Justin Bieber right there in front of you. Really, it's about [Mayweather's daughter] Iyanna. His youngest daughter's such a huge Justin Bieber fan."

It's unclear if Fif will join Biebs and Mayweather on Saturday. For now, the MC was asked what he thought about being replaced on Floyd's side by JB. "How you gonna put me out?" he said. "How you gonna replace me with Justin Bieber? I'm hurt. I'm so hurt. I've just got to find one of these women to confide in."

All jokes aside, 50's got a lot riding on the fight. He reportedly put $1.6 million on the match "and separate bets under other peoples' names." That shows just how confident he is in his friend. "He's focused," 50 explained. "It's the biggest fight of his life. You're gonna see the best version of Floyd Mayweather tomorrow night."

Even though he's confident, 50 recently acknowledged that there is a chance Pac-Man will win. “[Mayweather’s] fighting more than an opponent,” 50 said Thursday (Apr. 30). “He’s fighting the sport itself. If it’s close, they’ll give it to Manny to see it again. Just to see it again."