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Watching Bill Nye Talk About Sex Is Like Watching Your Parents Talk About Sex

The Science Guy explains why humans are so horny.

No matter how much we learn about the human brain or how advanced our understanding of psychology becomes, the science of sex and relationships will always be a bit befuddling. That's why our two biggest science celebs were on the case for a recent segment on Neil deGrasse Tyson's "StarTalk" chat show.

And perhaps because the world just isn't ready to hear the "Cosmos" host's take on humping, the show sent the Science Guy off to the Museum of Sex in New York City to ponder the topic.

"When it comes to sex, we're all animals," Nye says, adding that what separates us is our big brains. Basically, through evolution, our analytical skills grew to the point that sex came with strings attached. To counteract that complicating factor, over time we also developed extremely intense sex drives -- but don't take it from us, take it from Bill Nye the Science Guy:

If you've ever wanted to hear Bill Nye say "horny," now's your chance.