The 'Fantastic Four' Gang Hilariously Show Why They Have 'No Respect' For Miles Teller

He DID drive them insane...

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

During our long interview with the "Fantastic Four" cast at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, we learned a whole bunch about Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. First and foremost, that they love to make fun of Miles Teller -- but only because he drives them insane.

"Once we all got into those space suits -- I think at that point, we were just so uncomfortable all the time, and we had earpieces in, so we could hear everything that we were saying," Jordan explained. "But we couldn't hear anything else. You didn't have your own thoughts. Imagine Miles in your head, around the clock. In your head..."

Sounds... traumatizing?

"There's just no respect," Teller muttered in response.

But despite the cast's (joking) lack of respect for their quasi-leading man, Teller seems to think that the opportunity to play Reed Richards was well worth the abuse.

"I think he's very interesting," Teller explained. "People always talk about the difference [between] playing these big studio films and playing in an independent film. There's some differences, absolutely, but in terms of a character study, I think Reed is one of the more complex characters that I've ever had the chance to play. Just knowing the fact that I was taking on a character that had such a history to him, it probably heightened my focus a little more in the prep, because I do consider Reed a real person. Whenever you're playing a real person, there's a certain amount of responsibility that comes with that."

So, which does Teller ultimately prefer -- the big screen superhero lifestyle, or relative anonymity, but with indie cred? Apparently, the answer isn't always so black and white.

"I always go back and forth," he continued. "Do I like being social and out in public and all that stuff? Yeah, I dig that, but then I can also just want to be by myself for a long period of time."

"That would be great," Bell chimed in.

(Pssst, Kate Mara -- it's definitely your turn to fit in a sick Miles Teller burn...)