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How 'Fantasy Factory' Can Inspire Rob Dyrdek's Dream Wedding

Who needs a professional planner when you've got Chanel and Big Black?

Rob Dyrdek has already orchestrated a fairy tale proposal, so why not dream up a fantasy wedding to match!

Dyrdek, who operated MTV's own real-life fun house (better known as the Fantasy Factory) between 2009 and 2015, proposed to girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores this weekend during a live showing of "Aladdin" at Disneyland and quickly set a benchmark for good boyfriends in the process. So how could a corresponding ceremony possibly stand up to the very flashy ask? Welp, Rob needn't look further than his own "FF" past for answers.

The stuntman may not have realized it at the time, but between launching cars off cliffs and coaching his employees through adult beauty pageants, he unknowingly crafted his very own wedding-inspiration binder complete with picks for food, specialty cocktails and even a preferred band. Check out how Rob & Co. may have inspired the Dyrdek/Flores wedding, and tell us how you think the couple's dream wedding should look!

  • Catering

    Who needs filet mignon or seasonal risotto when the Butt-Break Buffet stands as an option? If we had any say in the matter, this bash's menu would include broccoli, chili dogs and...that's about it!

  • In-house band

    Gone are the days when harps and flutes meant get this party started, Rob should very clearly enlist the help of the Bleeding Frogs.

  • Dress

    Turns out LARPing isn't just for the "Final Fantasy" crowd -- we think the tunics, mail coifs and barbutes that were standard of Rob's role-playing adventure would be quite becoming beside the altar. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD THEME!

  • Specialty cocktails

    Ostrich eggs: nutritious, and great with the hard stuff of Rob's choosing!

  • Dancing

    You've heard of the Charleston -- and who could forget the Electric Slide -- but there's simply nothing like burning up the d-floor with "Butter Feet." Nobody will remember the centerpiece with this choreography considered.

  • Toasts

    Speeches should be equal parts moving and truthful, and Rob's pump-up oration to Chanel proved he'll get the job done without much trouble. Give him a mic, and he'll handle the rest with ease.

  • Reception entrance for Mr. and Mrs. Dyrdek

    Dude loves to make an entrance, and he certainly shouldn't buck the trend now. By modeling his arrival after "Fantasy Factory"'s farewell shindig, he'll ensure the affair is something to remember from start to finish.