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Halsey's Music Isn't The Only Connection She Has To 'Catfish'

Catch the singer's song 'Trouble' is in a new episode of 'Catfish: The TV Show' tonight at 10/9c on MTV.

You heard her song "Is There Somewhere" earlier this season on "Catfish," and during tonight's (April 29) show, Halsey will be returning to your televisions with her track "Trouble."

A big fan of the show, the 19-year-old singer couldn't have been more thrilled to learn her music would score parts of the series. But it wasn't until she went online to research her episodes that she discovered her melodies weren't the only things connecting her to "Catfish."

"I noticed that the episode for the week before featured a girl I went to high school with," Halsey told MTV News. "Her name is Daisy and we both went to high school together and so it was just this crazy moment of synchronicity where it's like, you're on 'Catfish' and my song is going to be on 'Catfish' and those are very different things but still cool."

After first launching her Tumblr account, Halsey said she often often found photos of herself being used by others on the Web to assume a false identity or personality. That is, until she made it.

"I was posting a lot of pictures of myself with, like, more than what the average person with Facebook would because it was important to, like, keeping up the site," she explained. "Catfishes of me popped up absolutely everywhere -- just like all over the internet -- and it was funny because as soon as 'Ghost' kind of went live, getting a little bit radio play... all those Catfishes they were out, out of a catfish. Then people started to be like, 'Hey, you are not real because I saw you on the TV the other day. Um, your name is not Rebecca.' And it was like, 'Nope, their name wasn’t Rebecca it was me.'"

Having been a victim of catfishing in the past, and just because she's an "incredibly observant" person, the New Jersey native says that if Nev ever needs to back-fill Max again, she'd be happy to step in for an investigation.

"If I met someone and we had an instrumental moment, you know, talked for more than a couple of seconds... a couple of minutes, I usually remember their name and everyone is always [shocked] when I do it and I am even like, 'I don’t know why I remember your name but I do,'" she said. "I pay crazy attention to detail. I think I would be an absolutely, amazing, best-of-the-best lead Catfish investigator.

"I think I would just be exposing people left and right," she said. "I would be like, 'Yeah check out this URL and, back to this, but her shirt is slightly a different color in that picture. It is not real."