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Rihanna’s New Bikini Pics Have Us Hot For Summer

RiRi's Hawaii pics are as hot as you imagined.

Rihanna looks like she's ready for the summer.

At least that’s what we could gather from these awe-inspiring bikini pics the singer posted Monday (Apr. 27). And we can't lie; we're just as excited about summer now, too. According to People, RiRi took these striking images on Sunday in Honolulu, Hawaii.

That explains why it looks like paradise.

It also looks like she had a great time during this shoot.

Just check out this fierce ready-for-summer pose.

And now you know why we’re ready for summer, too.

Rih’s had a great month in Hawaii so far. The island girl’s had fun fishing.

And being a pretty badass bridesmaid.

We have to wonder if she's also been working on new music while in Hawaii. In March, we got a hint of new work from RiRi when she said she wanted to craft "timeless" material for this new album. We've already got "FourFiveSeconds" and "Bitch Better Have My Money."

And if you're wondering how "Bitch Better Have My Money" came about, just check out what producer Deputy told us about it below.