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Dillon Francis Wants To Piss You Off

He's also really into Drake right now.

With reporting by Andrew Maclean

We still have a while to go before Dillon Francis drops his newest EP, but -- lucky us -- we got the chance to sit down with the DJ/producer to talk about the project... and how much he (doesn't) cares what fans think.

"I want to keep making albums that are going to piss off people, because they're going to be like, 'This doesn't sound like you!'" Francis told MTV News. "I want my albums to be like gallery showings for an artist," he added, explaining that each album should be a representation of what he's into at that time. Right now, that's Drake's "Wednesday Night Interlude."

Despite being inspired by Drizzy, the producer will be sticking to what he knows -- at least in some respects -- with his next EP, which he revealed via Instagram a few months back. It's a moombahton (a combo of reggaeton and house Francis is known for) affair, and features Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Bro Safari, Maluca Mala and more on the project. It's slated to come out this summer.

"I was going to stop doing the project if it didn't sound new," Francis told us. "[But] I played the moombahton EP for a lot of people and it's so cool because it sounds like the old stuff, but it sounds like really new. So it's not like you're taking a step back."

Well, Dillon, we're stoked to see what that sounds like! And, perhaps, a Drake-inspired full-length? Anything is possible...