Peter Bamforth

This Guy Can Shoot An Oreo Into A Glass Of Milk -- From A Second Floor Window

But can he replicate it with Double Stuf?

Still dunking your Oreos in milk, huh? What are you, a child? It's time you start trick shooting your Oreos into milk like a real adult -- a real adult like YouTuber Peter Bamforth.

Bamforth made a montage of some improbable long distance and bank shots he made with Oreos into a tall glass of milk. It's somehow fitting that this was posted on 4/20 and right near the 10th anniversary of the first YouTube upload, just sayin'. Take a look at his crazy skills below:

We wanna know how many takes these clips took. (Look closely and you can see the remains of failed Oreos around the glass of milk in several shots.) Still, hats off to this guy for taking the phrase "playing with your food" to a whole new, way more awesome level.