Gina Rodriguez Wears Her Fake Baby Bump Just For The Chipotle Perks

Mama wants some barbacoa.

If Gina Rodriguez were anyone else, this story about how she engaged in some sneaky subterfuge to cut the line at Chipotle would make us so flippin' mad. But because it is Gina Rodriguez, the whole thing is just adorable.

The "Jane the Virgin" actress was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" last night (April 22), where she revealed that being strapped with an ersatz baby bump comes with some serious perks.

Namely: You can get your Chipotle burrito a whole lot quicker, as the usually-giant lines at the franchise part before a pregnant belly -- even a fake one -- like the Red Sea parted before Moses.

Like we said: Sneaky. Although considering the lengths people will go to for one sweet taste of barbacoa, let's be honest, Gina probably isn't even the first person to do this.