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6 Celebs You Never Knew Were Voted Prom King And Queen

Some celebrities were, in fact, the coolest kids in school.

The sun is out (well, sorta), temperatures across America are rising and teens everywhere are planning their perfect prom nights. And for some, that probably includes a successful bid for prom court.

Between running a prom queen campaign and finding the picture-perfect dress, prom can be a *~stressful~* time of year. So let us give you some much-needed prom inspo with this roundup of celebs you never knew were voted prom king and queen in high school.

Because if they could win the crown -- before all of the Hollywood glitz, glamour and fame could skew the votes -- then you can totally do it, too. And then maybe you should consider a move to Tinseltown, because you never know where that winning prom glow could take you next.

  1. Elizabeth Banks
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    Of course Elizabeth Banks looked aca-amazing at her prom, where she was voted prom queen in 1992. The odds were certainly in her favor.

  2. Fergie
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    Stacy Ann Furguson lived the glamorous life even before she went by the name Fergie. In 1993, the singer was voted junior princess at the senior prom.

  3. Rosie O'Donnell
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    Rosie O'Donnell was so popular in high school, she was voted homecoming queen and prom queen because two crowns just aren't enough for this H.B.I.C.

  4. Matthew Morrison
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    Unlike his "Glee" character Mr. Schue, Matthew Morrison was a pretty popular dude in high school. He was voted class president and prom king. Not bad for a future Gleek.

  5. Halle Berry
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    Halle Berry, gorgeous human, was your typical popular girl in 1984. She was voted cheer captain and prom queen in her senior year of high school. However, Berry's win was marred with controversy when she was accused of cheating to win her prom queen title. Yeesh. We couldn't script a better high school drama.

  6. Honorable mention: Will Ferrell
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    Ferrell wasn't technically crowned prom king, but he did steal his date's tiara, which, we guess, makes him prom queen.