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Hilary Duff Ditches Her Blue Hair For A New Bright Color

It's equally as colorful!

It looks like dyeing her hair blue has opened Hilary Duff up to more color experimentation—she's gone purple and gray! Last month, Hilary debuted her "mermaid"-inspired hair on Instagram, and today she unveiled her new color choice.

While this photo angle is a definite no for most people, Hilary manages to make it #WERK and shows off her new gray hair and purple ombre. According to the caption, the photo is from the set of the video for "Sparks," her new single, so while it's possible she's just mixed up the color just for the video, we're hopeful she's gonna keep changing things up on the regular.

While the change from blue to purple may seem extreme, it appears—at least according to this photo from five days ago—that Hilary's hair was basically back to blonde, so she had a fairly neutral starting point.

ICYMI, we talked to Hilary about her tips for colorful hair and advice for anyone considering it—watch it above!