8 Adorable Animal Movies Available On Netflix (When Human Interaction Is Just Too Much)

From animated to real-life, we've got just the animal you need.

We get it: getting through the day can be tough. People can be annoying and always seem to want something from you. You're getting agitated, grumpy. You know what you need? You need an animal movie, and you need it now.

Luckily for you, we are blessed to live in a world where Netflix streaming exists, and there are plenty of animal movies -- both animated and real-life -- to soothe your troubled soul. Here are eight of our faves for getting your chill on.

  1. "Blackfish"

    OK, maybe it won't make you feel much better about humans, but this documentary about whales at SeaWorld could be a slight improvement from your everyday life.

  2. "Free Birds"

    Time-traveling turkeys are most likely the cure for what ails you.

  3. "The Nut Job"

    Talking squirrels! Who can frown at talking squirrels, especially when the main squirrel is so damn surly? He's so surly, his name is Surly. Come on.

  4. "Wildest Arctic"

    Feeling cold of heart? This four-part doc will show you what's really cold, highlighting animals who have adapted to living in the coldest places on earth.

  5. "Antz"

    Think your day is tough? Try being the high-strung worker at the center of this animated movie. #princessproblems to the max.

  6. "Blue Planet: A Natural History Of Oceans"

    Step into the wonderful world under the sea and forget about those jerks aboveground for a while.

  7. "Turbo"

    A wee snail who just wants to race? Consider it comfort food for the soul, in streaming form.

  8. "Speed Kills: Savannah"

    Because sometimes, all you need to feel a little better is something that runs really, really fast. (Also available on Netflix in "Ocean" and "Jungle" editions, if one isn't quite enough.