Colin Douglas Gray / MTV

Kendrick Lamar Takes You To Compton In The 'King Kunta' Behind-The-Scenes

What's the yams?

Much of the "King Kunta" video features Kendrick Lamar mobbing around Compton with friends and peers, jamming out to the standout To Pimp a Butterfly track. Thanks to the behind-the-scenes shots, it's obvious that shooting the video was as fun as the finished product.

On Friday (Apr. 17), K. Dot and TDE gave fans an inside look at the day of shooting when they dropped the behind-the-scenes footage.

Though this clip has the dimensions we're used to for videos on YouTube and our TV, the actual "King Kunta" video is a square, with a one-to-one ration.

“It’s a new age man," Director X said when the video came out. "Instagram and all that. We’re in a new age of aspect ratios and you’ve gotta embrace that. So we played with aspect ratios, new filters, everything. So we wanted to play to that this time around.”

“It’s exciting to me to see people sharing clips of the video on social media and it’s in that aspect ratio. [It was my idea] to shoot in that format. That’s something I’m definitely going to be playing around with on all of my videos going forward.”

As for the location of the video itself, Kendrick shot it where he had once seen 2Pac film "California Love" -- something he reflected on with MTV News.

“I just went back to that same Compton Swap Meet, jumped on the roof of the Compton Swap Meet and shot ‘King Kunta’ there,” he said. “And all them kids was out looking and a good friend of mine said, ‘You was one of them kids looking at ‘Pac when he was up here doing that; now they’re looking at you.'”