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This Is What Happens When You Fat-Shame Britney Spears (Hint: JUST DON’T)

The sassy superstar slammed a rude heckler who called her a "fat bitch" mid-performance.

You want a piece of Britney Spears? DO YOU? Let me answer that for you: no, you don’t, because as she recently proved, homegirl is not here for your rude comments. Haters be warned.

On Wednesday (April 15) the 33-year-old superstar returned to the stage at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to continue her “Piece of Me” residency show after a short hiatus. Before her encore performance of “Till The World Ends,” a heckler near the stage allegedly called her a “fat bitch.”

This incident begs a couple questions. First of all, tickets that close to the stage are pretty darn pricey. Why would anyone pay that much just to insult the performer? Second, this rude dude’s eyes clearly need to be checked because Britney is stunning and has clearly been workin’, bitch. So if you’re trying to coerce her into another hair-shaving, umbrella-smashing meltdown, it ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway, Brit kept her cool at first but then turned her back and griped “f—king assholes” into her mic (take that, lip sync accusers!). It’s also important to note that she accentuated her kiss-off with a hair flip and a sassy hip shake. Because that’s her prerogative.