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Young Thug's Barter 6 Dropped Early And Of Course Everyone Has An Opinion

Where do you stand?

Young Thug has had tongues wagging since he announced plans to drop a project called Barter 6 -- formerly, Carter 6 -- on Friday, but of course it leaked a day early. His team decided to just ride the wave, pushing it out on Spotify and iTunes as well, so now Twitter is flooded with early reviews.

There are the Thugga super fans who were going to support the album no matter what, #TeamWeezy who refuse to listen at all, some skeptics who are now convinced of the Atlanta rapper's greatness, and the trolls who are just out to piss off everyone. Where do you stand?

Check out some of the reviews below.

All About It

Didn't Want To Like It, But Felt It Anyway

Still Not Convinced

The Too-Soon Comparisons To Recent Releases

One Voice Of Reason?

Just straight, 1000 percent trolling

And, Of Course, The Beatles Comparisons