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Selena Gomez Drops Her Brightest Neo Collection Yet Just In Time For Summer

"Welcome to my bright wonderland!,” says Selena Gomez in the promo for her latest Adidas Neo collection. “What I’m really stoked about with this collection is that it’s very bright –- and that represents where I am too, which is really fun." If it sounds like this is a new look for Gomez, that's because it is.

Before this season, the singer and actress had been designing her collections with a much darker eye. Last summer, the palette was mostly black and white—despite all the confetti she threw during the shoot. "The past collections have been a little edgy," as she explains it. For this season though, Selena was all about embracing summertime colors.

The only black and white you'll find in the collection is a pair of marble leggings, a matching sports bra, and a crop top with sparkly silver letters spelling out Neo.

Selena went with a more organic olive color instead of black for a jumpsuit with Adidas' trademark three-stripe down the side and a maxi dress that says "Shine on Selena."

She even experimented with a bright pattern this round, with a pastel jumpsuit and matching sports bra.

Accessories wise, Selena tried out peach-trimmed sneakers and ballet flats, as well as a light blue tote with see-through sides and a straw fedora.

Most summery of all is the tank top with a heaping cup of ice cream. We'll take one of those, please!