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You Won't Believe How Long Fetty Wap's Been Rapping For

Fetty also confirms that the official 'Trap Queen' remix is coming.

Fetty Wap has one of the hottest singles out now with “Trap Queen,” a song he recently performed with Fall Out Boy at the MTV Movie Awards. While some artists have to work for many years before they land a hit like that, Fetty had a different journey.

"I just started doing this two years ago,” Wap told Power 106 in an interview published Wednesday (April 15). "I just started music period…Anything that has to do with music, I just started doing it like two years ago.”

According to Wap, “Trap Queen” came about a year into his very short career. Since its release, it started bubbling slowly, eventually becoming a smash over the course of about a year. It might’ve taken the country a little while to catch up, but Fetty knew it would be a success instantly.

"As soon as I heard the beat…I knew,” he said. "The energy I got from it and from everybody else, they were like, ‘Yeah, you gotta run with that one.’ So, that’s the one we ran with and never stopped.”

It's a good thing he hasn't slowed down because it's been a big year for Fetty. Aside from his big Fall Out Boy collab-performance, Kanye West brought him onstage to perform "Trap Queen," Rihanna talked about copping the track on iTunes, and Jay Z and Beyonce danced to the cut at a live show.

But Wap’s not done promoting the track. According to Fetty, a "Trap Queen" remix is set to drop featuring Migos’ Quavo.

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