If Ciara Sounds More Confident On Jackie, Thank Her Son Future

Moms do it best.

Ciara is quickly approaching the May 4 release of her sixth album, Jackie, and the new mom is feeling more confident than ever.

CiCi told MTV News that giving birth to her son, Future, has changed her life in ways that she couldn't have previously imagined, and that includes her career.

"I've gained a newfound confidence after all the changes that have happened in my life, especially having my son," she explained.

"So making this album, I'm the most confident I've ever been in my life, and also the most vulnerable I've ever been in my life. [But] I think vulnerability is a form of strength, so I've allowed myself to be very stripped down in the process of making this album."

The Atlanta singer explained that she started working with Dr. Luke a few weeks before her son arrived, and then she took two months off after his birth to focus on motherhood, before getting back in the studio with others producers like Polow Da Don and Harmony Samuels.

Those sessions resulted in very personal songs like "I Bet."

"You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable,"she said of recording the song. "It was definitely inspired from my life experiences, but it's also a song for everyone."

She added that the song is intended to universal, but would likely appeal to the kind of girl "that believes in herself and brings nothing but 100 percent love [to a relationship] and knows what it's like for it to not work out, maybe because your guy [didn't] really value that love like he should have. And you have to find the strength in yourself to keep going forward."

Earlier this week, Ciara released a remix of "I Bet,' featuring T.I., but in the interview above, she explained that there's a version with Joe Jonas, as well.