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11 Vine Clips That Showcase Tyler Posey's Sheer 'Ridiculousness'

The 'Teen Wolf' star meets Rob Dyrdek and crew this Thursday.

Every Tyler Posey fan on Earth knows the "Teen Wolf" star's sense of humor has something in common with a certain MTV show: both are RIDICULOUS!

In fact, spending just a few minutes watching TyPo's Vine videos or creeping on his Instagram will prove he's more than ready for his latest venture: hanging with Rob Dyrdek, Chanel and Sterling "Steelo" Brim on this Thursday’s all-new episode of -- you guessed it -- "Ridiculousness."

But before you enjoy his bound-to-be-hilarious antics, we've wrangled together some of his kookiest clips for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

  1. Makes spot-on impression of Rob Dyrdek

    Yep, we'd say that's a pretty accurate imitation of the "Ridiculousness" host. The only question is... would Rob agree?

  2. Does private dance For Dylan O'Brien

    Dylan didn't seem to appreciate TyPo's new moves, judging from his condescending clap. There, there, Tyler. You can groove for us anytime.

  3. Makes dog dance to 'Gas Pedal'

    Calm yourselves, PETA. That pooch is a major Sage The Gemini fan.

  4. Shows off the 'Teen Wolf' cast's poop pipe

    Septic tanks generally aren't something to brag about — unless the waste at hand belongs to the likes of Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden!

  5. Admits to bizarre-o bowl obsession

    Shortly before last year's MTV Movie Awards (remember his antics?), TyPo tossed some perfectly good Cheetos and candy bars in order to canoodle with a large bowl. And yes, we'd give anything to be that bowl.

  6. Parties with the 'Teen Wolf' cast

    Leave it to TyPo to turn a moving vehicle into a dance club with Tyler Hoechlin and friends. Ahh, Derek! Still too painful.

  7. Trades acting career for rapping

    Warning: Potty mouth alert! Sound NSFW.

  8. Lusts after corn on the cob

    What, you don't fantasize about yellow veggies?

  9. Causes heart palpitations

    We dunno what Tyler and Dylan were up to in this anxiety-inducing clip, but it made us really, really nervous.

  10. Offers more potty humor, if you will

    Only TyPo could look completely cute while grunting on the john.

  11. Basically acts weird (again)

    And we LOVE him for it!

+ What's your favorite TyPo Vine? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to catch TyPo's installment of “Ridiculousness” this Thursday at 10/9c!